Mobile app is now what website was 10 years ago. Smartphone usage has already overtaken web usage. There are consumers who never used desktop computers or laptops before owning and using smartphones. Ease of access and higher utility due to mobility is reason for such a high adoption. Today many brands, from every industry, publish mobile app to remain connected with consumers. It is no surprise since mobile app is best way to access information quickly, more so when the information is to be accessed frequently.

Let’s see some solid reasons why decorative materials and interior products brands should also publish mobile app of their own.

Catalog information access and sharing

In case of interior design material brands, catalog information is frequently required by showrooms, designers and even consumers. Product catalog keeps changing. Printed catalog are difficult to distribute frequently. Most of the time showrooms and designers have outdated printed brochures and catalogs. Mobile app makes the interactive catalog information easily available. It also makes it easy for designers and showrooms to share information with consumers easily.

In this age of mobility, everyone prefers to have information available on the fly, real quick.

Improved Sales Through Visualization

Mobile app is one great way to offer quick visualization of  materials to showroom and designers. Visualization acts as deciding factor for consumers. Nowadays consumers prefer to see how material will look like, before they buy. And if showroom is able to show them visualization, chances of purchase are increased multi-fold. Visualization in mobile app becomes easily accessible compared to website and increases brand loyalty from showroom and designers.

Brand Appeal and Engagement

Believe it or not, it is fancy to have your own app for android and iphone app store. Having your own app elevates brand appeal to some extent, just like website did 10-15 years back.

Brand can keep connected with their audience with features like company updates and push notifications in their mobile app. Brand can publish news update about events, new products, new stores and even updates not directly related with brand to engage with audience.

High Return on Investment

Mobile app certainly increases sales when coupled with visualization and other highly useful features. It adds value in building image of brand that is always ahead in adopting technology and trends.

All these benefit comes at really small investment. Platform like Decora Catalog helps brands publish mobile app for as low as $500.


PS: Are you decorative material brand ? Just speak to us to get your own branded demo app for free. No obligation. Promise !

We have been working on embedded 3D Visualization for Decora Catalog app which will allow quick and simple visualization of decorative material right inside the app. This will help brand empower their retailer with better presentation of their product for consumers.

This 3D visualization functionality is subset of our ambitious product. It is supporting very limited set of functionality. Hence we are naming it Decora Studio Lite. Decora Studio Lite will be available for brands as standalone web edition as well. It will allow brand to embed 3D visualization in their website.

The visualization that we are offering is next generation technology. It is 3D. It is cross platform. The quality of visualization might be bit compromising than 2D flash based and image based tools. But it offer much more flexibility, maintainability. It doesn’t require generation edited images for very product and isn’t limited to very few application area and combination of materials. You can have as many application areas and have as many combination of materials visualized in single scene as you want.

We are constantly improving the functionality, backend and visual quality of Decora Studio Lite. We are doing pilot for some brands for now. We expect fully functional Decora Studio Lite with embedded and standalone web edition to be ready by June 2016.


We have added many features to our backend brand interface as well as mobile app. We have changed the entire codebase of our application. Initially our application codebase has been developed on cross-platform framework Xamarin. We have had very bad experience with the technology and it had impacted our delivery schedule greatly. But we have been able to do this major overhaul in record time. Now our app code base is much more reliable now.


We are working on many features for Decora Catalog platform. Many changes are lined up , mainly for admin backend for brand. We are also working on adding one major feature for app related to visualization. I will write post about it soon.