Powerful platform

To publish your own mobile app

With Decora Catalog having your own catalog app is quick and affordable. Simply input information online or send us your data and we publish your branded app on Google Play store and iOS App store in a day. You can manage your entire app and data with our powerful backend.

Why publish an app ?

Brand Appeal

Increase brand appeal and loyalty as well as create high ROI engagement

Empower Retailers

Help retailers access products info, stock availability and company updates on the fly.

Increase sales

Increase sales by enabling retailers to showcase 3D visualization of your product to help consumer with purchase decision faster

Save cost

Reduce usage of paper based leaflets and flyers



Product catalog

  • Customizable category hierarchy and custom product attributes
  • PDF based e-brochures
  • Easy sharing via Email, whatsapp and other


3D Visualization

  • Fast and light weight real 3D visualization
  • Visualization of any surface materials including tiled patterns
  • Fully automated, no maintenance work required


Push notifications, CMS and more

  • Show company update and news with push notifications
  • Add HTML CMS based information sections like About us, Factory Tour
  • Add photo and video gallery sections like Projects Showcase


Robust and powerful platform

  • Change any data after app is published from admin interface
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Real time data syncing

Loved By


Fixed One Time Cost

Standard Template


Custom Layout Design


Annual Subscriptions



  • Fully customizable interactive product catalog
  • Store network, PDF Brochures
  • Gallery , CMS screens
  • Orders and Inquiry
  • 3D Visualization ( DSLite )
  • Basic Email Support



  • Everything in Basic plan and following

  • News and Notifications
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Email/Phone Support



  • Everything in Advanced Plan and following
  • Managed services
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Email/Phone Support

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can we have custom designed app ?

Yes we do provide custom designed app option at extra cost. Check the pricing for extra cost. But remember that we do commit adding custom feature. Please speak with our sales team to understand which features do we provide.

2.Can we publish our app with our own identity ? I.e. Using our own Google Play Store and Apple App Store accounts ?

Yes, That’s optional. You have to pay required fees and have valid accounts. We can then publish app from your account.

3.We have lots of products. Is there easy way to upload our data?

We support quick import of products data using CSV files. We can provide you standard Excel file template, you can fill the data in excel and we will import all products for you. In fact that is standard process we follow before publishing brand’s app first time.

4.What about security of our product and other data ?

Well, from app functionality perspective, there is an option to keep your app member-only app . Where you can create user accounts and only those users can use your app. (Or User can sign-up and only those you approve can use your app ). Otherwise, our backend architecture is very securely hosted on Azure. Although the data that our platform deals with is not highly sensitive, we are employing secure practices for our backend as well as app interface. For very valid reasons, some of top brands like Saint-Gobain and Kajaria trusts us.

5.Does it work offline ?

Yes. Your app can be defined as either online or offline app. If its offline, it will download all necessary data after installation and then work offline. Even in case of online mode it will cache all images so that when in offline all cached images of products can be seen.

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